Introduction We live in a two-bedroom house, and our garage was completely full. We wanted a place to store our bikes, but the garage wasn’t enough. My husband and I wanted a place for friends and family to congregate when they visit; we also wanted somewhere to work on projects […]

Introduction When it comes to design, I usually think of white walls and minimalist furniture. But after reading this post, I learned that you can create a beautiful home with little or no budget at all! Check out these tips on creating an aesthetically pleasing space with limited resources: Choose […]

Introduction If you live in a small apartment, or even just a small room, you know the feeling. You’ve got your bed and your desk and maybe a bedside table and that’s about it. Then you want to put something somewhere else—like a plant or some books—and suddenly there’s no […]

Introduction Dining rooms are special spaces that have a lot of potential for making your home feel finished and cozy. You can set the tone for your whole house just by making some simple changes to your dining room decor. If you’re looking to spruce up this space, we’ve got […]