Introduction When it comes to home furniture, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. You can find everything from couches and chairs to tables and desks in many different styles, materials and prices. If you’re looking for ways to get creative with your home furniture […]

Introduction We live in a two-bedroom house, and our garage was completely full. We wanted a place to store our bikes, but the garage wasn’t enough. My husband and I wanted a place for friends and family to congregate when they visit; we also wanted somewhere to work on projects […]

Introduction One of the most important things to have when you’re decorating your home is furniture. A good piece of furniture can be the difference between a room that looks lived-in and one that looks cold and sterile. However, buying furniture can be expensive—especially if you’re buying from high-end stores […]

Introduction Let’s be honest: building an accessible home is not easy. There are costs involved, and it takes time to get everything done just right. But the end result is worth it! You can build a home exterior that is both aesthetically-pleasing and accessible for wheelchair users. Here are some […]

Introduction Let’s face it: a smart home is the future. We’ve been making our homes smarter for years, with everything from WiFi-enabled doorbells to touchscreens on light switches. But what if those things weren’t just connected to each other but could actually work together? What if your lights could tell […]

Introduction While it’s fun to dream about a fancy mansion, anyone who has ever tried to buy one knows there’s a lot more work than that. And while you can’t change the fact that your home isn’t new construction and doesn’t have an elevator or six-figure price tag, you can […]

Introduction When it comes to design, I usually think of white walls and minimalist furniture. But after reading this post, I learned that you can create a beautiful home with little or no budget at all! Check out these tips on creating an aesthetically pleasing space with limited resources: Choose […]